The Islands

The Islands off the coast of Gweedore have been inhabited for many years. According to the census of 1841, they were home to 84 people - 68 on Gola, 12 on Inismeane, 4 on Inishinney and not a living soul on Inishirrer. 

In 1851, the island population rose to 226 & again in 1861 to 248 people. This was a very unusual trend in the years following the great famine. It's true to say that many families were drawn to the Islands in times of hardship.



Inishmeane is around 1 kilometre off the coast of Gweedore. It lies between Gola Island (South-East) and Inishsirrer (North). The island was inhabited up until the 1960s; today most of the buildings are derelict, but about eight have been renovated for use as holiday homes or permanent habitation. ...

by Máirín Uí Fhearraigh, 25th Nov '16


Inishirrer is a long, narrow island, about one mile long and one quarter of a mile wide. It is approximately one mile off the coast of Gweedore. It is estimated that during the famine times most people moved from the mainland (tírmór) to the island. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there ...

by Máirín Uí Fhearraigh, 25th Nov '16
Gola Island

Gola Island

The island of Gola (Gabhla) covers about one square mile (500 acres). It is situated about one mile from the pier at Machaire Gathlán, or two miles from the pier at An Bun Beag. The island is hilly on its west side, rising to 238 feet at Cnoc an Choillín and 212 feet at An Mhaol Mhór, and these hills...

by Máirín Uí Fhearraigh, 25th Nov '16

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Teach Jimí, Gweedore
Newly restored island farmhouse.Self-catering accommodation.Sitting room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom and porch. (Sleeps 6) Pr...
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Gola Ferry Service, Gweedore
Ferry Servicing Gola Island Timetable:  June - September Midweek:  
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