Beaches of Gweedore

Gweedore has a coastline of over 25km stretching from the Gaoth River (from which the parish gets its name) in the South to Glaisear Chú in the North. Along this stretch you will find some of the finest unspoilt beaches in Donegal, with golden sands and pristine water.

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AnTrá Mhór (Big Beach), Gweedore

Located between the Trá Dhearg & Magheraclogher Beach, the Trá mór at 1km long is by far the long...

Created On: 8th Jan '17

Trá Dhearg (Red Beach), Gweedore

While small in size (less than 200 meters from one end to the other), the Trá Dhearg makes up for it ...

Created On: 23rd Dec '16

Magheraclogher Beach, Gweedore

Probably the best known beach in Gweedore due in main to it's longtime visitor 'Bad Eddie' or Eddies ...

Created On: 23rd Dec '16

Created On: 27th Mar '17

Selkie Sailing, Gweedore
Selkie Sailing is offering fun filled activities at the shore, in the sea and around the islands. With a Sea Safari highlighting Marine, Birdwat...
Member since 18th Dec '16

Gaelturas, Gweedore
Gaelturas organises Irish Language and Cultural Holidays and Courses for adults in Gaoth Dobhair, Co. Donegal.  Each mor...
Member since 29th Mar '17

Port Arthur Development Committee, Gweedore
The purpose of the community group is to manage and to provide amenities for leisure social activities at Port Arthur Beach. The group aims to r...
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UniqueAscent, Gweedore
A Rock Climbing guide to the mainland, mountains and islands of Gweedore, County Donegal.
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Errigal Hostel, Gweedore
A luxurious and modern hostel located in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht Errigal Hostel, Dunlewey, offers stunning views of the wild untamed ...
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Gola Ferry Service, Gweedore
Ferry Servicing Gola Island Timetable:  June - September Daily:  
Member since 28th Mar '17

Displaying all 10 beaches of gweedore