Loch Altan & Meenagopog

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About Loch Altan & Meenagopog

The starting point for this walk is 3.5 km past the Errigal car-park (on Letterkenny side). Park in the layby just after the small bridge. 

There are 2 options for the 1st stage of this walk, start at point A and follow the stream down to point C

..or you can walk back to the first layby (point B), cross the fence using the stile and follow the old bog road down to point C


Both options will take you to point C at the edge of the forest, following the stream is a nicer walk but the terrain is a bit trickier and requires crossing a fence.

At point C, again there is another option, carry on straight through the forest to the deserted village of Meenagopog & on to the lake (head for Errigal)

..or head left at the edge of the forest and follow the stream the rest of the way to the lake.


Again the first option requires crossing a couple of fences.

Both routes will take you to Altan Castle/Farmhouse


The entire walk takes between 1.5 - 2.5 hours there & back depending on route taken.


Start PointMountain road
Distance (km)5.0 km
Type mountains/hills