Ireland Writing Retreat

Ireland Writing Retreat, Gweedore

About Ireland Writing Retreat

A week-long, creative writing holiday with a difference – scenic walks, fascinating talks and daily practical writing and editing workshops – all in a land that time forgot, in probably the most scenic part of Ireland, along the famous 'Wild Atlantic Way.'


Plus lively, traditional Irish music concerts; archaeological and environmental tours of an awe-inspiring landscape soaked in Celtic legend; tuition in the Gaelic language, as well as Irish ceildhe dancing.  


Crime, upmarket literary, mystery, women's fiction, magic realism, fantasy, travel, journalism - the annual 'Ireland Writing Retreat' on the inspiring 'Wild Atlantic Way' in west Donegal has attracted successful authors in these genres to teach those wishing to learn the challenging craft of good writing. 


The award-winning authors accomplish their task not through general lectures on theories of writing and editing that can be easily read in one of the many garden variety 'Guide to Writing' books but by practical, hands-on teaching techniques including one-on-one, sentence-by sentence, paragraph-by-paragraph, critiques of participant's own work completed before and during the week-long writing retreat. 


Not only, but these authors also share specific details about their own professional experiences in the tough world of publishing and book marketing. In so doing, they provide invaluable lessons on how participants can overcome many of the common difficulties they will probably face before succeeding in having their short stories, novels, poetry and memoirs see the light of day in print. 


As part of the immersion process, participants also enjoy boat trips to the islands, leisurely walks in the mountains with guides expert in Celtic mythology and anthropology, Irish language and dance classes and lively, heart-warming, foot-tapping traditional music concerts.